black and white tuxedo

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Zorro was a stowaway in his Daddy’s van and bolted at the destination, The Boys and Girls Club Santa Paula, 3 miles away from home. He has not had any confirmed sightings since. I am sure he is in someone’s home as he is human dependent, food driven, and not Shy.
Please help I am absolutely broken without my baby.

  • Listing ID: 32406
  • Your Cat's Name: Zorro
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 1
  • Breed: DSH
  • Color(s): Black and White
  • Eye Color: green
  • Other Distinguishing Features or Notes: Zorro is typical Tuxedo face black around his eyes and white between his eyes and below, small spot of black just on his chin, pink mouth and nose, white whiskers. His back is all black and his belly white. the last inch of his tail is white. He has a freckle of white on black scrotum. He talks like a Siamese.
  • Where Was Cat Lost (nearest intersection): Harvard and Main junction
  • City Where Your Cat Was Lost: Santa Paula
  • When Was Cat Lost (the date your cat went missing): 11/17/22
  • Your Name: Jude Valencia
  • Daytime Phone: 8058895753
  • Address: 551 Anacapa terr
  • Email Address: