My indoor only cat jumped from the balcony and has not been seen since. She is small and skittish but very friendly.

Cooper is sweet and very talkative but he is skittish. He’s very long and fairly slender but weighs about 17 pounds or at least he did back in January.

Short black hair with green eyes. Very skiddish and will most likely be hiding in bushes or the garage.

Larger size, short hair, coarse, not too soft. White with large dark gray patches on chin, back and tail. White belly, feet and legs. Rounded head. Green eyes. Pink nose. Neutered, just doesn’t look like it. He is super sweet, but very timid. He’s incapable of harming a fly. You can grab him with no problem or scratching, but he may get scared and try to escape. Very strong.

Bugs stays very close to home but possible that someone thought she was a stray and started trying to keep her inside- also I fear she might have been grabbed by coyotes. Usually she would come inside at night to sleep, but the night she disappeared I could not find her to bring her inside.

Cali has been missing for a week and we miss her! She is very friendly, purrs very loudly and is very chatty. We miss her!

Burt has been missing since August 29th. He’s black on top and white on the bottom. He has a black mustache across his white mouth and a clipped right ear. We miss our Kitty so much!

Shadow is our beloved cat last seen in Meridian Hills neighborhood of Moorpark. He is a thin, sleek black cat who is being treated for lymphoma for the past 10 months. He still had a lot of energy as of the night before he went missing. He is currently on a chemo pill every two weeks, plus needs a daily dose of prednisone and omeprazole. He was well known in the neighborhood, as he liked to accompany our dogs on walks. Last seen Sept. 27 in the early morning. He has a chip, number 981020021904388

Georgie is a larger 2 yr old male cat, big green eyes, as noted he has front left paw nerve damage so easily identifiable. He was last seen in our back yard Aug 3 around 8 pm Very friendly cat, if you see him please call...reward is offered.

Reward offered. He is a beautiful young male cat. Very friendly.

$$$REWARD$$$ Long Haired Gray and White Cat Missing Last Seen 07/28/2023 Fillmore, CA 93015 Apste5@duck.com 805-758-1312 Please call or text with any information, anytime. Micro-chipped! Mockingbird Lane, Oriole, First St. C Street Thank you for your help. Please help find Giovanni. Love You Giovanni!

Lost tortie - she loves people but hates all other animals. Didn't return at night the night of 7/15 and hasn't been seen since that morning. She is about 8 lbs, 10 years old, has a tear in her left ear (an old wound), has a slightly shortened tail, and is missing 3 of her canine teeth - only the lower left tooth remains.

White and cream Persian cat we are worried and miss her so much

Missing black cat with fluffy fur. Has a crooked tail when you feel it.

She is a small cat. She was wearing a light pink collar. One of her ears has a small tear. She is very friendly and affectionate.

Kitty is a small, shorthair tabby that is dark grey and strips. Very friendly and loving

Please help us find Cosmo! Our beloved family cat went missing on Saturday night, 12/17. He slipped out an open window. He is very friendly, if you see him you can pick him up!

Zorro was a stowaway in his Daddy's van and bolted at the destination, The Boys and Girls Club Santa Paula, 3 miles away from home. He has not had any confirmed sightings since. I am sure he is in someone's home as he is human dependent, food driven, and not Shy. Please help I am absolutely broken without my baby.

Kiki is an 8 year old female Calico Tabby. Timid and likes to hide. She was chubby when she left home. Indoor mostly since we moved to Ventura but has been outdoors and likes it. She is nt city wise, but likes to be in a garden setting. Playful and sweet, but may get frightened easily.

10-year old female dark Seal-Point Siamese. Dark brown and light brown fur, dark almost black face with bright blue eyes. Black ears. From brown to black tail. Paws are all light blush pink color. Small to medium sized cat. NO collar. Is microchipped. Very quiet, withdrawn, skittish and scared. Can be sweet and only trusts a small number people.

My baby girl went missing on the 16th of September. Been searching for her but no luck. She loves to roam but always comes back home. If you’ve seen her or have her please contact me! Thank you so much

He is very friendly, black/white cat. He doesn’t have a collar but he is microchipped. He may be hiding in a shed, bushes or your garage. Any information is appreciated. 🙂

Please bring my baby home! She got outside and there were fireworks. She is deeply missed and I need her back. She is microchipped. Please bring her home

Lost Orange, striped cat, shaved down, lion's tail (looks like a bottle brush), neutered, microchipped, Oarfish/Stern Lane Oxnard

He is a real sweet cat, but he is also so scared right now. We moved out and were getting used to the place that we got temporarily, and he got out of the window, so he doesn't know the location, he could be hiding somewhere close or trying to get back to our old place, but that is in Ojai. He has larger paws due to his extra finger on each paw, and also that makes him look bigger. His chest is white up to the belly part where he has an orange spot right on the middle.

Boo went missing July 9th over in the Presidential estates area off of Hayes Ave. Grey cat, white neck and underbelly and mittens. Friendly but cautious. Loves food. We are so worried.

Boris is very independent, indoor/outdoor but always comes home a few times a day. He is wearing a collar and has a chip. We live in the Todd Ranch complex in Ventura.

He's a grey and white tuxedo indoor cat with a nub tail, as in, he has a very short short tail. He was lost on June 08 2022 around 1 pm. Please if you took him in, bring him back. I know he's cute but he already has a family please return him. Please, we're all worried sick over where he might be.

Small black with some white on chest and paws with droopy ears.

Sabrina is an all black female cat. She went missing the night of 4/26/22. She was wearing a purple collar with reflective Mickeys & fish, and a large Mickey bell. She responses to kissing and snapping noises. She is about 8-10lbs. She has a scar on her belly that is about 6-8” long.

Tussle has one eye ! He is long and very loving. If he is scared he will hide .

Simba is a friendly and affectionate guy. He has been out before, and usually comes right home. He has a collar and is microchipped. He is quirky and fun. Loves our dog and other cat. He isn't afraid of anything. Please help us find him. We all love him very much!

Older brown, white and black male, neutered kitty. 3 black spots on bottom of face. No collar.

Name is Harper, she likes to be called chicken. Very shy and friendly.

Light orange tabby with a very fluffy tail as cute as can be

Light orange tabby with a very fluffy tail as cute as can be

She is very shy and might be hiding behind bushes. Would you please let me know if u see her around the area 805-298-3549.

louie is only one and a half but has kidney issues where he has to be on special food or he may stop peeing and die within 48 hours. please please if u see him in ur garage that he may have snuck in or see him playing about just get down to the ground and find something to play with him with and catch him and return him to me my heart is missing my louie

Louie has been gone since Saturday morning July 31 and he likes to hide in garages and sleep! He was last seen at home on Santa Rosa Street, if his collar is still on its turquoise with a reflective strip on it with name tag and he is very friendly ... he need special food for a kidney issue so i need back home!

We just want him home.

Lost Cat

Please help us find Stan, he needs daily medication. Please return him if you have found him as soon as possible we are desperate to have him come home.

Neko was last seen on Sun 5/16/21. He is an all black cat with some mature white hairs, fur is short and thick. Eyes are yellow-ish green. His right ear has some small healed tears. We miss him and love him a lot!

Petite mostly black with some white and droopy ears, female,

Kitty kitana was a stray that found her way to my home at oceanaire mobile homes on pleasant valley by rice but was separated in el rio on Balboa. Orange with hazel eyes

$300 reward please call if you find my cat

REWARD!! Small Grey Tabby. Neutered male. 10 year old, but looks like a young cat since he's so small! Might have collar on with his name and number embroidered on it, but he has slipped it before since it's a breakaway. Microchipped. Usually very people friendly but he might be scared and not showing his usual personality. Please help us find him! We love him so much and miss him! Thank you!

Bobby has a white tipped tail and paws. Friendly but may or may not let you touch him. Food works. though. Dan 805-444-8697

Gray and White medium hair. BUSHY tail. Very affectionate. This beautiful kitty belongs to someone...but he can't find his way home. He got out and now he is lost. Juno is very friendly and just loves to get attention. So if you thought he was lost and you would give it a good home...it already has one. The family is absolutely heartbroken over losing their baby. Please help.

9-month-old orange and white female tabby cat missing since the evening of Thursday, March 4. We know the reality of wild animals in our area, but we are still hopeful. Our family dearly misses this bundle of joy. We are heartbroken without her. Please help us bring her home.

Daffodil "Daffy" has been an indoor cat since she was adopted from VCAS at 11 months old. She recently had a surgery and has fur regrowth on her front right leg and under her tail. She got out in the evening of 02/16/2021. She is the light of our lives and we are devastated to have her missing.

Small calico cat missing since January 20th 2021 I'm offering a $200 reward For her Body or her life I hope to find her alive But she's so very curious I'm afraid she's been trapped somewhere and possibly couldn't get out please check your yards Please

100.00 reward please call or bring the kitchen to my home this cat is my life. Thank you


Very sweet, but because she had been abandoned by prior owner, she's nervous around strangers. She has been an important part of my ever day life. She and I share a special bond. I miss her terribly. I am praying for miracles. All I know is the last time I saw her was around 2 pm Wednesday 1/6/21 and when I went out to give her dinner, she never came and I haven't seen her..yet<3

Charlie was last seen at the corner of Hurst St. and Thompson Blvd. in Ventura. He escaped from the vet. Please call 619-609-3799 or 805-648-2797 if seen. He is very skittish.

I promised my mother while she was dying that I would take care of Tigger, and now he is missing. I am heartbroken and hoping for a miracle. Tigger is new to the midtown Ventura neighborhood and may be freaked out and hiding in a shed, garage or other enclosed space. He is wearing a black collar with rhinestones, a small bell and a metal ID tag engraved with "TIGGER" on one side. The other side is engraved with the landline phone number of his former owner, who died recently. (We have access to voicemails left at that number but there may be a delay.) Tigger was an indoor/outdoor cat at his previous home, where he enjoyed days spent sleeping in the sun in the garden. We were trying to get him to be more of an indoor cat with supervised outdoor time, but he slipped out of the gate during a moment of distraction. Tigger has two kinds of meows: One where he looks you straight in the eye and opens his mouth but nothing comes out, and another where he walks around with a very loud, throaty and insistent yowl. When you pet him, you will feel a very small bump/growth on his shoulder blade. PLEASE, if you have any information about his whereabouts, let us know. Thank you.

Outdoor kitten. Never left the property before.

Please help find our STELLA BEAR . She’s our family and we are worried sick.. she’s an indoor outdoor cat and has always come home! If someone has her, she had no collar but is ours! Please help!

Beloved pet. When outside, he stays in our yard or near our home. Mainly an inside kitty. Timid and dislikes kids. But is friendly to adults. He will sense if you’re a “cat” person. Possibly will come to you if he’s in need. We are so worried and hope he’s not hurt or stuck somewhere. Soft fur.

This is Piri, she is a community cat from a far location and managed to escape from a shed where she was being held prior to a surgery. She is originally from Oxnard, close to Port Hueneme. Piri has black and gray striped fur, white chest hair, white paws, and very green eyes. She is a small cat around 8 pounds and is 6 years old. She is so important to me and my family and this is tearing our hearts and we would like to find her and bring her back home. If you see her, or if she is visiting your backyard often, please contact at (805) 816-6229 do not try to grab on your own. She is tough to trap so any information will be helpful. Last seen on 495 Corsicana Drive Oxnard. Esta es Piri, es una gata de la comunidad de un lugar lejano y logró escapar de un cobertizo donde estaba detenida antes de una cirugía. Ella es originaria de Oxnard, cerca de Port Hueneme. Piri tiene pelaje rayado negro y gris, pelo blanco en el pecho, patas blancas y ojos muy verdes. Ella es una gata pequeña de alrededor de 8 libras y tiene 6 años. Ella es tan importante para mí y para mi familia y esto nos rompe el corazón y nos gustaría encontrarla y traerla de regreso a casa. Si la ve, o si visita su patio trasero con frecuencia, comuníquese con el (805) 816-6229, no intente agarrarla por su cuenta. Ella es dificil para atrapar, por lo que cualquier información será útil. Ultima vez visto 485 Corsicana Drive Oxnard.

Mighty Max went on his daily trek through the neighborhood, but never came back. If you think you have seen him, please contact. Again, he is chipped. thank you!

My black cat, Nina has been missing. She is friendly to people. She used to hang out only close to house. If you have seen her hiding in your yard or any information, please contact me. Thank you

Baker is a fluffy orange cat with white chest and paws, greenish-gold eyes and black markings on his nose and mouth. He is very friendly and likes to greet passersby and sometimes follow them on their walks. He is not afraid of most dogs on leash. Baker was last seen Monday 10/19/20 at about 8 pm, he went out but never returned home. He was last spotted on the corner of Marmota and Ramelli. He is a big part of our family and we miss him!!! He will come when called or can be lured with treats.

Carly is a two year old medium hair female with black fur and no markings aside from a few grey hairs. She was last seen at our home in Casitas Springs at the intersection of highway 33 and Parkview Drive. She isn't wearing a collar. She was last seen on Friday, October 9th. She has never been gone for more than 36 hours before so we are quite worried. Please call or text 805-798-5347 if you think you may have seen her. Thank you!

My son lost his kitten, our kitten is usually with our older cat but he didn't come home with him. Our neighborhood is very friendly to cats and dogs so i'm hoping that he is with a neighbor.

He’s A long-haired orange and white cat very friendly very skinny friendly lovable loves purring

We live in Harbor lights neighborhood in Port Hueneme and our back fence backs up to a backyard located at or near 421 los Palomas. We were able to locate him and he tried to jump back over into our backyard but didn’t make the jump and fell back down and took off running Towards the blue ghetto/Marborough homes. he is extremely food motivated so if you happen to see him and you offer him treats or even say the word treats he will come right up to you. He HAS A SPECIAL DIET & will become very ill or even fatal if not followed . If you can get him anywhere near you with food… You’ll be able to pick him up. Please do so and I will pick them up as soon as I hear from you. Attached is a picture of him… He has never been away from home except one other time when he walked out the front door for five minutes and came back terrified shaking. One of his ears is bent, and he is not wearing a collar. My number is 8183832978 please call if you see him.

She has an ear tattoo for ID purposes - 105XDF

Please, please call us if you see or find him. He is dearly loved, and his litter mates miss him!

2 year old female short-haired tortie got out of the house yesterday. We’ve had her safely indoors for the past 10 months after rescuing her from the Ventura County Animal Shelter. Friendly, but quick. Our family is lost without her!

He still has his claws, fixed, Leopard spots, golden-brown fur, and vivid green eyes.

Please help us find Sammy. His brother Ninja and his family are worried sick. He's a very gentle cat, loved by many.

My cat has been missing for almost a week now! She has been indoors most of her life and has gone outdoors for a few hours at a time due to escaping through the front door. She is very shy and is usually scared of people esp males.

He stays at home most of the day. He leaves home for about 15 minutes in the evening, and comes back and sleep with us at night.

Has silky smooth fur, long fur , white spot on back , pink and black nose , kind of shy but very loving , black toe pads on bottom of feet . Has white legs and tummy , with dark colors wrapping around the rest of his body

Un neutered kitten white legs gray back, stripes. Very young. Very talkative, friendly. Curious. Playful.

Male black cat , his name is Marley he is altered , he does have a chip but wasn’t registered , medium size , my son and all of us miss him! He went missing sometime between Monday late night to early Tuesday morning when it was raining , we are in the track behind Vons in OJAI ! If found please contact !

Pepa was last seen on May 9 around 10:30pm on clavel ave and Azahar street in Saticoy Ca. Pepa usually stayed on this block and would go to the houses on the block. Pepa never came home that night. I really just want my baby to come back home. I miss her so much. If anyone has seen her please help her get back home!

2 year old male cat. Black and white with black dot on nose

Tula is a very sweet but shy cat who doesn't trust most people, but I'm still hoping that someone found her. She went missing during a heavy rain so maybe she was frightened enough to ignore her trust issues.

I know this is a cat lost page but we were told to post on here even if he is a bird. Lindo is a young not even 1 yr old. He is grey with red tail friendly bird. He might be a bit defensive/aggressive due to being out for a couple of days. We've lost him since 03/04/2020. If u see him please give us a call .🙏

Hello, We reaching out to the community in hopes that someone has found our family cat. Our cat is a little over a year old. She is a black female domestic short hair. She has practically lived indoors all her life. She is very shy and can easily be scared. She was last seen around the mobile home park of Hillview Estates in Santa Paula. This is a picture of our precious baby girl. I would appreciate any assistance you can provide in sharing this information with others. We are willing to give a $100 reward if found. You can best reach me at: Sandra Torres 805.908.1400 sandratorresh@gmail.com Thank You!

Lost on Thursday 19th Dec. 2019. Very special little boy. Greatly missed.

He is approximately 8 lbs, all black with white whiskers and yellow eyes. His tail was broken, right ear tipped, left ear torn. Capt. Jack's demeanor is passive/reserved, not overtly friendly but not threatening. He has a heart of gold and I deeply love and miss him, even though he doesn't look like someone's pet. He is very much so. Please, please if seen, call him by name and just show him in where it's safe, warm and dry until I can pick him up.

Sami is a sweet and friendly grey/blue tabby.

Reward if found!

Smokey is a very friendly, my mom has raised him and his mother since she found him born under our shed. He is approximately 7 to 8 years old. The mother cat is still here and both moms are very sad and are fearing the worst 🙁

Seranna is a sweet small shy cat and we really miss her.

Please help us find him, he is a sweet cat who we miss very much. A long-haired tabby, he was meant to be a feral cat but preferred to be around humans.

She is 2ish years old, tan/black/gray mix, and small- about 8 lbs. She managed to slip out the front door on Thursday October 17th at the Villa Camarillo Apartments on the corner of Lantana and Paseo Camarillo. Unfortunately she wasn’t wearing her collar at the time she got out but she is microchipped. She has been sick so we really need to find her because she is not going to do well outside on her own for long.

Hey everyone. My cat Olivia is missing. She was last seen on October 7th on W Santa Barbara St in Santa Paula, CA. If seen do not approach and contact me immediately. She is weary of other animals. She is the love of my life and my heart is breaking every moment she’s gone. Please look out for her. If send and possible, please leave out food/water for her(at a distance)

Please help us find our cat. She means everything to us! She is a house cat so she is unfamiliar with the outdoors and other animals.

very sweet cat but really shy of strangers, he really looks like a black panther

Oscar is a small adult cat, all black, with a very long thin tail. If you’ve seen him please contact us! Thank you!

Mikey is a muscular short haired grey & white un-neutered 4 yo male. Very lovable, but not sure how he is with strangers. Last seen 9/10 in Oak View near Encino Drive X Hwy 33.

Please give her to me.

Please help. My cat, Max, got out of the house and we haven't seen him since Tuesday night 8/6/19 at 11:00 PM. Max was last seen in the Crossroads neighborhood off of Cochran St. just West of Stearns St. He is grey with medium length hair. He has a notch at the top of his left ear. If you have seen him, please message or call me at 818-425-5854. Max has a collar with a tag, and he is chipped.


PLEASE HELP ME FIND MY BABY BOY CHIKARON! He is a smallish super smart and sweet kitty! A little over 1 year old. No collar no microchip:( really worried. All black and has gorgeous golden eyes !!!

My Cat Name Is Hector, Adult Male Orange / White . Will Come To You If You Call Him By His Name . Friendly but Shy . Please Help Me Find My Cat. Family Is Heartbroken , We Just Want Him Back Home With Us . (805)477-8632

Very sweet Smokey gray cat. He has blue eyes and a cream colored belly and chest. His body is a little lighter also. He is an indoor cat and snuck out in the evening. We are so worried about him. If you’ve seen him nearby please contact me. thank you!

small young black female spayed domestic short hair cat. green eyes

White male cat with an orange striped tail and an orange forehead. He is wearing a leather collar with a small bell. Coconut is very friendly.

Socs snuck out our dog door late at night and hasn't come home.

Small young all black domestic short hair. Shy and skittish.

Lost my little guy, Coco. He was last seen by Eden/Sierra Place on Tuesday 4/23/19 around 7pm. He's a 2 year old white with light orange, flame point siamese.He tilts his head due to a severe infection in his ear as a kitten and now has a slight balancing issues n Needs his medication. Please help me find him and bring him home. If you think you saw him please call 805.758.0340 Thank you.

GiGi is an indoor cat. She got out on the patio sometime on Tuesday without my knowledge. She is a scaredy cat of unfamiliar or loud noises and even wind and has never attempted or wanted to leave the patio before. She’s a super lovable cat that acts more like a dog when it comes to her desire to be around people. PLEASE HELP US FIND HER. She is such an important part of our family... our hearts ache and we want her back home.

Havoc is fast. She is a therapy kitty. She is skittish towards strangers.

Black with brown highlights, long haired cat. She had a pink and black zebra print collar on with 2 name tags. Very sweet but skiddish. Please let us know if you have seen her or have her. She is chipped. She is very missed. Thank you!!!

Bella was feral when we adopted her so she is still afraid of people and may only come out at night. She has been missing for a year - we miss her so much and so does her brother Hissy! Please call or text (805) 216-0869 if you have seen her. Thank you!

Skiddish bit very sweet short hair kitty. Mostly white with an orange patch on her back and a orange and white ringed tail. Her tail has a slight kink at the end. Her name is Albi and we desperately want her back

Plague is friendly, but a little skittish. He is a therapy kitty and has a look-a-like that doesn’t have a collar but his look-a-like has been around. My Plague kitty has been missing for a year and is missed so much 😭. He is micro chipped.

Last seen on March 6th 2018 in fenced-in yard around 5-6 PM doing favorite thing - munching on some fresh grass. Disappeared suddenly. Mainly indoor cat and it is not in her character to go far away.

Our sweet boy is an indoor-outdoor cat and he has been missing for almost 2 weeks now. We have been physically searching the immediate and nearby neighborhoods as often as possible and tried doing basically everything that we have been advised to do including putting up flyers, leaving leaflets under doormats, posting on any and all sites we can think of (Craigslist, Nextdoor, Facebook, etc.), and notifying the local vets/shelters, but still no luck so far. I'm hoping if we continue to get the word out and get as many eyes as possible around town watching for him, then we can bring him home safely someday. Please help us!

Chloe is a very beautiful medium hair dilute calico. She is 4 years old and is a very cautious kitty. She is mostly white on her chest, paws and face up to her eyes area and partial white above her nose area. If you see her PLEASE PLEASE contact me at any time. I will gladly provide a reward for her safe return. We miss her greatly and her sister Lexie misses her a lot.

Helped a friend move down from washington and while away, our cat left and has yet to come back. She goes in and out of the house but has never gone far, she would come back multiple times a day and it's now been 4 to 5 days since anyone's seen her, she's never stayed away longer than a day and I'm very worried but I've checked all shelters and she hasn't been picked up. She's a little skittish with new people so I feel like she would be hard to catch but very sweet when she warms up to you. Just hoping someone sees her.

Male Black Cat 7 months, not spayed or micro chipped , he has a appointment to be spayed and chipped , he was let out from one of my boys, the morning of 1/15/19, he belongs to my 5 year old son, we are very sad and worried.

Please help find cat, very loving to those she feels comfortable with. Have had this cat during the toughest times of my life.