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Pepa was last seen on May 9 around 10:30pm on clavel ave and Azahar street in Saticoy Ca. Pepa usually stayed on this block and would go to the houses on the block. Pepa never came home that night. I really just want my baby to come back home. I miss her so much. If anyone has seen her please help her get back home!

  • Listing ID: 31679
  • Your Cat's Name: Pepa de pepa
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 1 yrs old adult cat
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Breed: Calico
  • Color(s): Grey, orange, black
  • Eye Color: Greenish yellow
  • Describe Collar & Tags if any: Pink and purple
  • Other Distinguishing Features or Notes: Very friendly and very talkative. She slim
  • Where Was Cat Lost (nearest intersection): Clavel ave
  • City Where Your Cat Was Lost: Saticoy
  • When Was Cat Lost (the date your cat went missing): 5/9/2020
  • Your Name: Ravyne Sweetwater Dy
  • Daytime Phone: 8052598450
  • Evening Phone: 8052598450
  • Address: 11381 Azahar street
  • Email Address: ravynedy@gmail.com