Orange cat. female. looks fairly young. but it could just be because she’s thin and small. Very Very Very friendly! no tags / collar / chip

Please get your beautiful kitty who misses you very much! She was starving and just ate and ate! I spent months getting her to trust me enough to get her to stay with us. She is brave and healthy, but it is too dangerous where I live to keep her safe! It’s taking all my energy!! I love her so much and I can tell someone loved her very much!! Please tell me about her markings and you can come get her!!

To contact me please text or email any time.

Neighbors think he might be ferral. We been feeding him so he is not hungry. Made a shelter but not sure if he used it. Our family cat and he do not get along otherwise we would keep him. Text or email if he belongs to you.

Tuxedo patterned, short haired male cat

Found: sweet black and white cat. Has a flea collar, no tags. Has been hanging around our yard for a few weeks. Avenida de la Vereda / Siete Robles area. Does she belong to someone?

Please contact me if you are missing this cute kitty or if you would like to adopt her. We have other animals and cannot keep her. Thanks.

Tan suite a little shy kitten found with another six month old kitten.

Very sweet, friendly, playful, kitty. Was very hungry and thirsty. Found with another cat will post separately.

Sweet cat, young, friendly, and hungry. I'm not sure if it's a male or female. Likes to be petted. Good cat for a kid. I can't keep her. I only feed her/him outdoors. I have an adopted stray. I cannot handle another. I will give you a case of food, I'll give the cat to someone who wants it and will take care of it. You couldn't ask for a better cat.

This cat is not only gorgeous, but he’s very lovable. We’ve taken him to be examined by our vet and she said he is 1-2 years old and 12 pounds. He was found on Foothill Road west of Santa Paula, between Peck and Briggs Roads.

Please see the pics, we found this cat in our backyard and is now hanging around our home, please email us if its yours

Very sweet! Misses its family!

Tiger stripped Siamese found in road on Armstrong Friendly blue crossed eyes

The kitten wandered onto our property at about 4am. It is safe and being cared for, but is limping on its back leg. It is small, but weaned, probably about 8-10 weeks old. Gray fur with white swirly stripes.

Please email thank you

Friendly, fluffy, gray and white tabby adult cat has been roaming around the Cypress Place senior living community for a couple of months.

Beige spots around whiskers framed in white. I feel like I saw this cat with much more weight on him back in April. It's now june