Found Orange Cat

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  • Listing ID: 33253
  • Age: Unsure
  • Breed: American Shorthair
  • Color(s): Orange and White and Dark Orange
  • Eye Color: Green/Hazel/Yellow
  • Describe Collar & Tags if any: None
  • Other Distinguishing Features or Notes: Has white patch on chest and neck that goes up to the nose. Has a white stripe from eye to cheek on each side (I included a closer cropped version to show this). Has white on each paw, the back paws have longer “socks” while the front has shorter socks. Orange with darker orange stripes.

    Very friendly! I first saw the cat yesterday and assumed it was my neighbor’s cat that I hadn’t noticed. but I talked with them today and it is not there cat. It has been hanging out the past week/few days. Very sweet and friendly, looks well taken care of but may have just gotten out recently.
  • Where Was Cat Found (nearest intersection): Savannah Ave and Tiber St
  • City Where Cat Was Found: Ventura
  • When Was Cat Found (the date you found the cat): 12/05/2023
  • Your Name: Laura
  • Daytime Phone: ‪(818) 851-1510‬