my funny cute cat

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louie is only one and a half but has kidney issues where he has to be on special food or he may stop peeing and die within 48 hours. please please if u see him in ur garage that he may have snuck in or see him playing about just get down to the ground and find something to play with him with and catch him and return him to me my heart is missing my louie

  • Listing ID: 32196
  • Your Cat's Name: louie
  • Age: 1
  • Breed: tabby
  • Color(s): orange
  • Eye Color: yellow
  • Describe Collar & Tags if any: turquoise and red heart name tag
  • Other Distinguishing Features or Notes: he has a little freckle on his nose and likes playing with little dogs chasing them ! and hides in garages and falls asleep!
  • Where Was Cat Lost (nearest intersection): santa rosa and thompson
  • City Where Your Cat Was Lost: Ventura
  • When Was Cat Lost (the date your cat went missing): july 31 morning
  • Your Name: lucy fleetwood
  • Daytime Phone: 8083440358
  • Email Address: