Missing kitty

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Kitty kitana was a stray that found her way to my home at oceanaire mobile homes on pleasant valley by rice but was separated in el rio on Balboa. Orange with hazel eyes

  • Listing ID: 32134
  • Your Cat's Name: Kitty kitana
  • Breed: Taby
  • Color(s): Orange
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Describe Collar & Tags if any: Was wearing a red collar with bell
  • Other Distinguishing Features or Notes: Had some matted fur on belly
  • Where Was Cat Lost (nearest intersection): Balboa street
  • City Where Your Cat Was Lost: Oxnard
  • When Was Cat Lost (the date your cat went missing): 5/14/2021
  • Your Name: Laura
  • Daytime Phone: 805-814-5984
  • Address: 1609 Cherry Ave
  • Email Address: lcamarena89@gmail.com