Cat Safety & Recovery Tips

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Tips For Finding A Lost Cat

Remember: the odds are in favor of you finding your lost cat; and the faster you move, the better those odd get. Here are some ideas to get your search started: 1. Make fliers with your pet’s picture, a brief description and your phone number. Make sure there is an answering machine or voicemail that will take messages if you can’t pick up a call at that number. 2. Go to all the local shelters, including Ventura County Animal Services & … [Read more...]

Crash Course in Finding a Lost Cat

This "Crash Course" was created by the Community Cat Coalition to provide a brief overview of the steps needed to recover your lost cat. When your cat is lost, nothing is more precious than time. Print and use this guide to find your cat, and be sure to avoid the three biggest mistakes people make when their cat is lost: Waiting a few days to being the search in the hopes that the cat will just come home. Focusing on just one or two … [Read more...]

How to Get a Cat out of a Tree

From wikiHow: It is usually easy for cats to climb up trees, but getting down may be a different story. Their claws are great for helping them climb up, but not so great at helping them climb down. A cat stuck in a tree may get scared and sometimes the more you try to talk it down, the more scared it becomes. In order to get a cat calmed down and down from a tree safely you can try a variety of … [Read more...]